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This journal is for the creative works of Em. These creations are mostly fics, but have in the past included icons and other graphics.


Fandom characters, settings, and recognizable content are property of the franchise owners. No infringement is intended.

Some of the posted fiction is of an adult nature and therefore unsuitable for individuals under 18 years of age. All fiction posted here is rated accordingly.

By clicking on the link to a post, you agree: a) that you are of age to read that material; b) that you are aware of, and have read, the header and warnings on the material; and c) that you do not hold the author responsible for your decision to view the material.

1. Linking and pimping is perfectly acceptable and encouraged.
2. Feedback sustains me.
3. Transformative Works: podfics, art, fanmixes, and craft work inspired by my fics are okay without further permission. When you're done, I hope you'll link me to your work! For remixes and spin-offs, please contact me for works over 1,500 words, though I'll likely grant permission.

1. Icons are shareable unless otherwise stated.
2. Credit [personal profile] what_works

Where to Find Fic
All of my fics are stored in memories. They are listed by title, rating, and the main characters that appear in the fic. You can also search by tags.

Angel Fics
Buffy Fics
Firefly Fics
Fullmetal Alchemist
Harry Potter Fics
Saiyuki Fics
Star Wars
SG-1 Fics
SG-1 Jack/Daniel Slash Tag Series
SGA Fics
Supernatural Fics

On Friending
If you like my work, please friend me; you don't have to ask.

You may comment to be added. All fics are posted publicly.

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