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Fanmix: This Place Is Coming Apart at the Seams
For: Kriegsspiel by [livejournal.com profile] melayneseahawk
Story Summary: After Atlantis landed, the world was thrown into chaos. Newly-elected American President Michael Taylor shut down the Stargate Program in the hope of appeasing the international community. But something is wrong, and soon the remaining members of the SGC are forced to flee through the 'gate before more of their numbers disappear. Cut off from allies and resources, the survivors turn to galactic piracy to survive--and to arm themselves for a return to Earth, unsure what they will find. Who was really behind the dismantling of the SGC? Is there something more sinister on the horizon? Can SG-1 get to the bottom of the conspiracy and save the world one more time?

Notes: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] momebie for supplying tracks 03 and 07. And, yes, there is a wizard rock song lurking in this mix; unofficial challenge made in jest? PWNED.
This fanmix is part of [livejournal.com profile] stargate_summer 2010.

This Place Is Coming Apart at the Seams

Track Listing
01 [Until the World Stops Hyperventilating] The All-American Rejects — Real World
02 [Long-Distance Thing] Trocadero — Steady Ride (Gun Metal Green)
03 [No One Is Irreplaceable] Damien Rice — Rootless Tree
04 [Guns of Navorone] Nine Black Alps — Everybody Is

05 [Baby AWOL] Abney Park — Too Far to Turn Back
06 [A Few Ships on the Cheap] Say Anything — Belt
07 [Freeze Out] Ramona Falls — Always Right
08 [Beam Breakthrough / Tapping a Satellite] Bond — Explosive

09 [The Good Old Days] The Academy Is… — Same Blood
10 [Headed Home] Abney Park — Under the Radar
11 [The Yoga Instructor] Mindless Self-Indulgence — Mastermind
12 [All Batteries, Return Fire] Breaking Benjamin — Blow Me Away
13 [The World Went White] The Weasel King — What You Believe
14 [Glad to Have Coffee Again] David Newman — Love

This Place Is Coming Apart at the Seams
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